Why Custom Sunglasses Make Great Giveaways

Why Custom Sunglasses Make Great Giveaways

January 26, 2016

If you are considering new marketing tools for your business one of the biggest things that you should consider are sunglasses. These products are perhaps one of the most in demand fashion accessories today. As a company, giving away branded sunglasses with a logo or even just a subtle marketing message can be an excellent move for brand recognition. 

Sunglasses are almost like a new T-shirt marketing option today. While many businesses utilize custom printed materials today they often neglect the use of custom sunglasses. There are a number of big reasons why custom sunglasses make for great giveaways and why they can make worthy investments for your company as a marketing tool. Here are some top points to consider on why custom sunglasses make great giveaways:

  1. They're cheap to produce: Custom sunglasses even with a printed marketing message or logo can be extremely cheap to produce. For just a few dollars per product or even as low as one dollar per product in large bulk rates, you can enjoy giving away a fully functional product that offers people an advantage and spreads your message.
  2. They are useful/helpful for customers: people were sunglasses almost every day and by giving away sunglasses at a concert event or outdoor festival for example you could be helping to protect people's eyes. Even custom sunglasses that feature lenses with UVA and UVB protection are relatively cheap to make and you could be protecting your prospective customers sight/skin. The fact that they are useful for your potential customers also ensures future use meaning they will be sure to spread your message.
  3. Your message spreads automatically: Through the future and continued use of your giveaway sunglasses a few hundred or thousand people at an event can go forth and spread your marketing message. Generating a buzz about your company is easy if you give people items they will use automatically. 
  4. You can increase brand loyalty immediately: With a popular style sunglasses design you can have your prospective customers very happy about your brand already, giving you a good shot at breaking through for a purchase. 


Keep these top reasons in mind for why Custom Sunglasses are great for giveaways!