Team Building Gifts With Custom Blankets

Team Building Gifts With Custom Blankets

September 19, 2016

If you are planning a corporate team building exercise you should strongly consider the use of a gift at the end of the team building retreat. While many team building retreats already give away fun items like water bottles, t-shirts and stationery you may want to consider giving away something completely unique. A custom blanket is an excellent team building gift and here are some of the top advantages that you can receive giving away custom blankets as team building prizes:

They can display your company logo much larger: A blanket displays your logo much larger than a typical T-shirt or poster. Getting a custom team building gift that displays the logo much larger can be a great advertising method for your business. 

They can protect your employees: A warm blanket is a symbol of protection and by having your employees literally wrapped themselves up in a blanket bearing your logo, this can be the ultimate sign of company loyalty. 

They can increase morale: a corporate custom blanket is an excellent and very usable tool that people can take home with them. Unlike stationary or a T-shirt that they may never wear, many employees have voted that they would likely use a custom blanket if they were given the chance to potentially win one at a corporate retreat. 

It can be customized: custom blankets can not only be customized with images of your company or your logo but they could quickly bear the section of the position they hold, the department they work in or other fun customization techniques. By creating several different types of blankets for a retreat you can unite your employees under their position or with a specialty gift made just for their department. 

Keep some of these top advantages in mind for considering a custom blanket as a team building prize for your company.