Reward Your Employees with Custom Blankets

Reward Your Employees with Custom Blankets

September 30, 2016

Giving away merchandise for your employees can be a great way that you can improve morale within your company as well as show your employees just tell much you appreciate them. Many companies are quick to giveaway items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pins and more. But is this what employees really want?

Instead of some of these popular options you may want to consider rewarding your employees with custom blankets that have the logo of your company on them. Here some of the top reasons why you should consider the use of custom blankets for a company gift over other options:

A custom blanket is very useful: Employees can use these custom blankets bearing the name of their company at the beach, when they are camping or even just enjoying a movie on the couch. This is a giveaway item that employees are definitely going to use rather than simply giveaway or never wear. 

A custom blanket advertises your logo: A custom blanket can have a large printing of your logo including slogans and more. With a large custom blanket your employee could essentially have a large billboard that they place on their couch. This is only bound to increase the buzz about your company. 

They can improve morale/security: A blanket is a symbol of comfort and with each of your employees receiving their very own custom blanket it's possible to have employees feel much more secure and a much better sense of morale when they receive these fun gifts. 

It's affordable for your company: Bulk discounts on blankets like this ensure that your company can giveaway items of appreciation without cutting too far into your operating budget. 

Keep some of these top reasons of mind for why you may want to reward your employees with custom blankets as part of their Christmas bonus or any time of year!