Let the Sun Shine In

Let the Sun Shine In

July 18, 2019


What better way to dive into Summer’s laziness, leisure, and laughs than with a simple, well planned picnic. Whether a romantic retreat, family gathering, or an afternoon lounging with friends, it’s time to start organizing your next mini-escape. Unfortunately, we can’t all get away to our exotic dream vacation this Season, but we all certainly can carve out an afternoon of Sunshine ~ escaping the monotony of endless, nonstop television. 


Instead of wearing out your armrest this Summer, wear out your imagination! Don’t worry, your binge-worthy shows will all still be there this Fall. Let your creative genius run wild and start planning your next “Sun” Day - Fun Day. 


After you’ve selected your destination, invited your guests, and planned the menu, it’s time to start assembling your picnic must-haves. A comfy blanket should be priority one. Start with a lightweight throw like the Pine Trail or for more rugged terrain the Traveler Fleece is a sturdy, waterproof option. 


An insulated tote comes in handy as well, keeping all your goodies fresh and cool. The Urban Expandable Tote is one solution offering 2-in-1 design, making it a flexible and multipurpose choice. For further options you can also peruse the full line at Holden Bags


Now that you’re all set, it’s time to abandon the remote, silence the cell and kick off your next fun-filled Summer memory. Forget the finale and create your own unforgettable story!