Customized Sunglasses for Marketing

Customized Sunglasses for Marketing

January 15, 2016

Many companies commonly overlook the use of sunglasses as a marketing tool. Giving out branded sunglasses at an event or selling specialty branded sunglasses at your location can really make a big impact for brand recognition and for spreading a marketing message around. Consider some of the following top reasons why you should be using customized sunglasses for your branding needs. 

They are inexpensive: Creating custom sunglasses can be around the same price as creating T-shirts and in some cases even cheaper. These are useful items that people will wear proudly and that you can charge extremely reasonable prices for. Many bulk printers will use real sunglasses that come with UVA and UVB protection and even supply the sunglasses for just a few dollars apiece in bulk orders. 

They have plenty usable space: If you don't think that your marketing message will be big enough it's important to note that with one way lenses you can always print your message directly on the lenses themselves. These are perfectly clear lenses that contain UVA and UVB protection as well as your logo or a marketing message. Printing on the lenses can make sure that anyone can quickly read over an advertisement rather than having to catch a person going sideways. 


They can make your company look great: While a t-shirt is something that will be regularly forgotten about or thrown away, sunglasses serve an extremely useful purpose. Giving away sunglasses at a concert for example will mean a very large amount of the users will be pulling them out of the packaging using them if it's a sunny day. With reasonable quality customized sunglasses and a marketing message you can create a real buzz about your business just by giving away a few hundred free customized sunglasses at an event or concert.