Advertise with a Custom Blanket Giveaway

Advertise with a Custom Blanket Giveaway

September 15, 2016

Are you interested in getting the word out about your company? Would you like to potentially giveaway some merchandise as a means to market your brand? While hats and T-shirts make an excellent start for giveaway items with your company you should strongly consider adding some other house ware items too. 

A popular new item that many companies are giving away for advertising our custom blankets. These blankets can contain all sorts of information about a company from their slogans to their logos or even a photo of the location. A custom blanket could be just like one very large billboard that someone can keep inside their home. Unlike a t-shirt blankets are extremely reusable and they can last for many years after the giveaway. 

If you are looking for a unique giveaway for an advertising solution custom blankets also offer great bulk deals. 

In order to get started your company just has to decide on the type of layout that you would enjoy for your custom blanket and a type of printing options that you can see as a branded blanket for your company. After agreeing on the right type of logo and the layout for your blanket it is time to send off the order and receive a quote for the bulk price for your order. With a large number of bulk discounts available from our printing service we can get you ready for giveaways for the near future as well as for many years to come. 

Your company can also select from several different types of blanket so that you end up with a product that is ideal for the needs of your customers/potential customers. 

After placing the order you can receive the shipment of blankets just a few weeks later and begin your giveaway!