A Picture (Blanket) Says A Thousand Words

A Picture (Blanket) Says A Thousand Words

March 01, 2019

When you glance around your home, you’ll invariably find a throw blanket here or there. Whether purposed for snuggling up on a movie night or enjoying your much needed morning cup on the porch, they have remained a household staple.


Given their widespread popularity, why not customize and gift? Full color photo blankets serve as a great option for a corporate holiday present or convention giveaway. Soft and snuggly -  these custom blankets will not be tossed aside anytime soon, anchoring brand recognition for years to come.


The clear, crisp images bring your brand to life on our light and cozy throws. Plush comfort combined with your personalized image create a lasting, distinctive impression. Available in unlimited colors and with edge to edge sizing, these blankets highlight your brand in a truly unique way.  


When you want to make an unforgettable impression, you simply can not go wrong with a custom photo blanket!